Uncommon Test Week

Well, if it isn’t the common test week!

Here I go again, clocking super late nights and pulling my hair out. It’s so different this time because my family’s not with me. So in this house, there’s only me, myself and the fat lizard living near the dish rack. One paper down and one more day to the next, I dug so deep in search of time to write this blog post (clap, please?). I’m supposedly in the midst of rewriting reaction mechanisms for my Organic Chemistry module, but the pull of the Internet (why, oh why!) was just too strong. It’s not a bad thing, given my love for writing and I think the exams won’t put me off doing what I love.

Right behind my dear laptop (his name is Hades by the way) are notes and notes and scrap papers and scrap papers. I just have find the strength to lift my butt off this chair and sit on the other one instead and I would be going through the mechanism for free radical halogenation, but hey, all of a sudden, the butt weighs a ton. In teenage language, “THIS SUCKS“. I think no other phrase could describe this feeling as well. The feeling of wanting to do something you’re supposed to be doing, but not having the power to do it. Teenagers unite!

Guess everyone else goes through this stage. I might have to tell my descendants that it’s an essential part of life no matter how much I hated it when my mum said that.

To make life more interesting (trust me, doing science drains a lot of your energy), I created a new study buddy last Friday during Organic Chemistry lecture [a huge sorry to my lecturer]. It all started with a smiley face I drew after we went through the mechanism for nucleophilic substitution. It could have been some Vietnamese power (I drank Vietnamese coffee that morning) or just plain imagination coming into play, but I began to picture a baby dinosaur with a big, happy smile…

And voilà!

The O Chem Dinosaur

THAT alcohol molecule is going into my mouth...

Guess Cheno (Chem and Dino) will keep me company throughout tonight and many other late nights I have to pull in the future. It’s a bit sad and comforting at the same time. Sad because there’s no real person to go through all that pain and torture with you, but comforting because there’s that consistently happy face making you smile when all you want to do is throw in the towel and cry.

Goodness! It’s 1:28 AM here. I’d better start feeding Cheno with more molecules.

Till the next post then!

That Weirdo Doing Chemistry


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