The Drive For Life

So with the end of the term (Yay!), my days are filled with sun and fluffy white clouds. Whilst basking in the sun and frolicking in the garden (Garden? What garden?), I found time to return to House II with my family. My, my, what a long time it had been…

Out of all the things I had missed while I was alone at House I, there was this one big (or small) difference that made my day, or days. My siblings excitedly pointed out a tiny “treeling” in the small grass patch that was inside our compound. One look at it and it washed over me. The little tree was the offspring of a magnificent one that stood in front of our house until the neighbours complained to about falling leaves. It was cruel and I didn’t stay to watch it being chopped down, but that bare stump that now resides outside my house is a poignant reminder of the tree that once captivated our whole family’s hearts.

Over the few years that it had been standing guard over our place, the tree never once had an offspring. Sure, there were plenty of seeds, those cones that fascinated us so much that we kept some of them, but none ever grew out.

I had to smile when I saw that baby. It was a message from nature itself.

The fight for survival exists even after death.

The tree’s life was unwillingly taken, but its life didn’t end there. It was after a few months before the “treeling” emerged, but it showed us what life was meant to be about strongly and clearly.

I dedicate this post to all who are going through dark periods in life. Be strong, be persistent. Never give up on life when you still have a chance to live. Never let anyone else bring you down. If they do, you’ll get back up stronger than ever.

Finally, always remember that there are people who are with you, no matter what happens, Just like I’m with that tree. My hopes are with you that you grow tall and strong with so many leaves that make chopping you down impossible.

Baby Tree

I will survive.


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