Bloody Hell! 2012!

Ah, pardon me for that rude greeting. I believe the more pleasant one is “Happy New Year!”. You see, there’s a reason behind all actions, so here’s why I chose the title as my New Year’s greeting to all bloggers who are reading this post (I would also believe there’s only one person reading this…):

2011 was one of the most trying years of my life (I’m really glad it’s over). I’m not trying to crack a lame joke here. I had so many ups and downs that I had to puke – once at the start of the year and once at the end. Okay, that was a joke, but I really did upturn my stomach twice this year. More on that later.

This is me, sitting myself in front of my laptop at 1:21 am on 1st January 2012 – while my siblings are watching Bon Jovi’s 2008 concert on free-to-air TV – to recap on this year’s goods and bads as well as to (oh, not again…) make some NYRs (New Year Resolutions – Caps do make a stronger impression, let’s just hope I remember typing them)!

Having been through 17 countdowns (I’m sure my parents would have counted down when I was a baby), I am no longer sure of how I started 2011. Anyway, let’s first focus on the highlights of my 2011.

Back in January 2011, I drank. Yes, it was alcohol, not Coca-Cola. I’m not sure if you could be caught one year after you committed an offence, but I’m absolutely sure that I’m not going to do what I did again. You mean underage drinking? Nah, that’s just too heart-beats-very-quickly-hope-parents-won’t-find-out to resist. Teenagers, you get that feeling. Not like there’s much time for me to do that too. I’M TURNING 18! Back to the issue. What I’m so not going to repeat is to drink more than I’m capable of, no, not especially with the 40% alcohol concentrated liquid. No prizes for guessing what I got myself drunk with. A hangover is probably the worst reaction your body can cast upon you. Barfing out everything you ate, getting that real pain in the ass (head, actually) headache whenever you try to move your head slightly, running a super high temperature, feeling like the North Pole just walked into you, trying to fool a doctor [and your mom] that you had food poisoning, thinking that you’re probably going to die soon, I think I’d rather bring that wretched bottle of spirits down onto my head.

Next, still in January, I received my results for the ‘O’ level exams I took in 2010. Not stellar results, but according to people around me, they were good (though I did try very hard not to jump down from my ninth floor flat). I didn’t expect much, given those stomach aches that plagued me throughout the duration of all my morning papers, but it was still a huge disappointment. I have to be glad though, that they didn’t mirror those nightmares I had prior to the results day. I’d nightmared that I got a C6 for English and there were C5s and B4s all over the slip. Terrifying, really.

There were further problems involving schooling. New schools and such. It really was a turbulent year for me. I spent oh-so-many hours sobbing, it’s a wonder my tear glands didn’t dry up. I made a transfer after losing tons of shouting matches with both my parents. Not exactly happy here, but at least I preserved my sanity. My parents will win any contest that requires participants to drive teenagers insane. I’ll admit I did go slightly off the rails and I’m not sure if I still am now. I get sudden bursts of frustration every so often that I can’t relate anything to, and it takes me lots of willpower to stop myself from strangling the person next to me. Well, that does say something…

Fast forward to December 2011. After a trip to my uncle’s house and somewhere in between, I thought I would return fatter. I pictured myself worrying about my figure when… I got food poisoning. It was the day right after we returned when I had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right. There was a piercing pain right in the middle of my abdomen and I felt like throwing up. Too bad, the other end of the alimentary canal released its contents first. It was so uncomfortable sitting on the toilet and feeling that at any point of time I had to let my mouth take over. My stomach churned and churned for ages before finally allowing me to fill up that plastic bag after lunch, right outside my door. It was an instant relieve. The headache got back after that and the diarrhea didn’t let up, so I spent my night in the toilet, spraying the toilet bowl a good golden brown.

I guess that was the gist of my 2011. It definitely wasn’t one of my best years on Earth, but I did have a lot of fun with some of my friends whom I had gotten closer with after my graduation.

That’s it for now I guess.

Here’s to a more joyful, more fulfilling and less nauseating 2012!

This post was typed out on New Year’s Day on my laptop and continued on my little Android phone in school. Oh, it’s 10th January by the way. I already feel like a thousand years old. Ugh.


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