Between Practicality and Passion

It’s been a week and 4 days since the last post. I got really busy at school, with the exams lurking around the corridor outside my flat. It’ll progress closer and closer until it reaches my room. Till then, there’s nothing much to worry about. Or is there?

I’ve been contemplating on the issue of my interest area and what I’m doing now, and my future definitely doesn’t look very exciting. Over this past year, I’ve come to realize that my actual passion doesn’t lie with science, or medicine. I think it’s the larger amount of free time on my hands, now that school doesn’t start and end at the same time every single day. I found myself doing things I wouldn’t normally be doing. I picked up the ukulele, started this blog, read a few books, drew pictures, THINKING etc. Through THINKING, I inevitably discovered so much more about myself. I take them as bond-with-yourself activities, where you go through some form of torture with yourself and in the process, learn things about yourself that you didn’t once know.

What I learnt:

  1. Science kills me (like it always did, just that I was too busy to acknowledge the fact)
  2. I really, really, really want to work in the print media industry (think newspapers, magazines)
  3. I feel weary every single day I go to school doing something I don’t like (think lab work, lectures on cell biology, etc.)
  4. I feel energized and much happier attending classes I’m interested in (think French)
  5. I want to graduate as soon as possible
  6. I’m really afraid to take the risk to transfer once again
  7. I really think that the modules I’ll be taking next year are irrelevant to me (reading their synopsis gives me the chills)
  8. Drat. I really should have followed my heart then.

I read countless of posts online about changing majors in college and such, but this is so different. This involves making choices that could affect your future, your career, your life. I know that staying in this course leaves me with more choices after I graduate. It says in the course brochure that “graduates can pursue a wide range of degree courses in university like, biological sciences, medicine, business, communications, dentistry, psychology and social sciences”. That kind of reassures me, but I can’t help feeling that I’m sick and tired of doing this already. I know this science diploma is something to fall back on, if my whatsoever endeavor fails, but studying biology and chemistry everyday is wearing me out, BIG TIME.

I considered communications, which limits my university choices to the arts and humanities, as well as communications. However, they get to do journalism in their course. They get to publish papers and magazines and intern at various print media companies, which is what I want to do. Seeing that piece of work with your name on it and knowing that many, many other people around campus are holding on to that sacred fruit of yours is just indescribable.

Of course, I can consider the option at the university level, but is it worth spending more time streaking bacteria in the lab?


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