Man, it’s been awhile. Again. This time, I’m back with something truly worthy and extremely important to rant about.

So I was preparing myself for my Basic French final this Wednesday afternoon. French had been the beacon of light in the darkness one lesson I looked forward to every week. Even if it means travelling back to school in the evening every Wednesday. I was very determined to excel in this subject and still am (you’ll know why later).

I wrote and rewrote various rules (Je ne parle pas anglais; Je n’aime pas la lecture; Elle porte une chemise bleue; etc.). I got up from the footstool (yes, footstool) when I realized it was already 5.30. Class starts at 6 by the way. It’s a good thing I live only around 5 km from school. I couldn’t wait for the one bus that would take me right to the bus stop exactly opposite school, so I hopped on a random one that would take me out to the busier road with more buses plying the road outside my school. Just when I started imagining myself sitting for the exam, complete with a jacket on, my phone started to ring…

Before I carry on, let me fill you in on the details of that afternoon. Before planting myself on the footstool, I was reclining on the couch, taking a longer than usual afternoon nap (Blame it on the schoolwork, my dear). During that 45 minutes or so, my phone buzzed 6 times, none of which woke me up. It turned out to be my one and only friend from French, a Chinese girl who’s umm, well, I guess, crazily in love with French actors, but not the movies, definitely NOT the movies. I did try to call back, though I very nearly ditched the attempt in fear of hows and whys flying through the phone speaker. I get really annoyed when people start asking me lots of questions right before the exam. It stresses me out, like completely. Save this for another post.

Well, so I answered my phone on the bus and guess who? It was I-love-French-men-but-not-French-movies. I alighted from the bus right after hanging up. Man! Our teacher cancelled the class / exam. So much for studying. Well, why didn’t I know? Turns out he made the announcement on Facebook. Seriously? Facebook? And on that day itself. Without a call, message, or email. Am I supposed to be on Facebook the whole day so I would know which lecturer cancelled his class at the last minute? I GUESS so. EVERYONE ELSE knew. Or maybe I’m strange or weird or old-fashioned. I’ll leave it up to you all to judge.

Learning points for the day:

  1. Teenagers are obliged to be on Facebook the whole day, or to pop in every hour to check their notifications.
  2. Given that we are now only 7 people apart from any other human being on Earth, there is no need for us to pass messages directly to anyone; people are expected to pass them along to their friends and expected to succeed in reaching the intended party.
  3. People with an extremely small social circle lose out in a myriad of ways to social butterflies.
  4. Some not-so-close-I’m-kinda-scared-of-you-friends will still care enough to inform you of stuff that you might have missed out on

    Did you say Facebook?!


Oh, by the way, the French sentences above are not real life facts. I do speak English and I like reading. I still want to do well for French, so let’s just hope that I remember to turn on my laptop every single day, so that I’ll know when and where the make-up exam is.

Bonne nuit!


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