Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Chem Notes

Now, where do I start?

My first shot at the Weekly Photo Challenge!

This week, it’s titled “Regret”.

Fellow teenagers and students, does this remind you of yourselves? With our ever-filled schedules and social lives that border on obsession, it is ‘perfectly understandable‘ that we don’t spend our free time revising. Until… we find that we have too much to cope with a week before the exams. That’s when the hair-pulling and chocolate-eating come in.

Those are the notes I scribbled down before my mid-terms and yes, I’ve realized that I have too much to study and too little time, given that my first final paper is set on Thursday, the 16th. If only I’d studied during the weekends instead of sleeping in. If only I’d revised every topic I’d learned that very day. If only I’d stopped being a lazy human being. If only… If only… If only…

I regret not putting in more effort studies-wise, but why is it that this same regret shows up every term and every semester?


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