Best Romantic Movie Watched

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day to all readers! Hope your day is filled with love, be it with your spouses or partners, or with friends and family. It’s even alright if you’re celebrating it alone. Always remember that you can only love someone if you first love yourself.

So many of them nowadays, romance-themed movies, laced with hugs, kisses and even scenes that are not suitable for young children to watch. Isn’t it surprising that the best love-themed movie I’ve watched is……

Pride and Prejudice?

No, no censor-worthy snippets at all, given this was set somewhere in the 1700s I believe. I think the fact that this film is unadulterated makes it all the more appealing to me. I have definitely, in my 17 years of life, seen more than I was supposed to, through the big screen, but none of the very visual depictions of love can compare to the subtle professions of love in the 17th century.

I started reading the book this year and I’ll have to admit that my command of English is not good enough to allow me to comprehend the full meaning of the story. I lost interest in completing it and only recently sank in again. It was more of a task than leisure, but after catching the movie last Sunday, I’m madly in love with the story, madly in love with the film and madly in love with Mr. Darcy.

Matthew Macfadyen

That brooding look...

Of course I can’t have him, he’s married to Elizabeth and probably dead by now, but just watch the film (or read the script), you’ll be as stricken by him as I am. Matthew Macfadyen portrays the main male lead better than I had imagined him, with much more conviction and realness. The brooding, shy and socially awkward man could not have been better played. HisĀ introversion led many to judge him, to think him snobbish and it didn’t help that he was wealthy. I love the part when he ran after Elizabeth in the rain and for the very first time, confessed his feelings for her. She didn’t know him at all and given her tendency to judge too quickly, she labelled him as the last man she would be condemned to marry.

Keira Knightly

So much has happened.

Oh Elizabeth, would you have known that you were to live in Pemberley with Darcy for the rest of your life?

She might have fallen in love with him when she first went there for a visit. Darcy, after the initial rejection, didn’t give up at all. Instead, he continued treating her with all the politeness in the world. Near the end (another of my favourite part), when they both met on a misty morning, Darcy once again tells Elizabeth how much he loves her (with so much cautiousness, awkwardness and emotion) and she, finally, accepts him. Call in the tissue papers!

Keira Knightly was amazing in this film. She brought out the stubbornness in Lizzy perfectly. You can also sense Elizabeth’s reluctance to conform to the traditional female lifestyle. I also love the way she speaks. Her words are filled with her cleverness and she is pretty much direct to the person she speaks to. You’ll just have to show this film to every man who thinks women stupid. They’ll change their minds.

For those looking for ‘steamier’ versions of the film, look for the US alternate ending, where Elizabeth and Darcy share a particularly romantic moment at Pemberley after their marriage. Oh, don’t look at me like that! How steamy could a 17th century film go?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish reading that book, or do something less appealing, like studying.

Pride and Prejudice

The love that started it all.


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