What’s In A Vacation?

With the closure of the school year and the vacation right in my face, I now sit at home all day and dream of doing things. Oh yes, I want to do so many things this month or so – read, write, make stuff, cook, play music, etc. Sure does sound like a fulfilling holiday. Thing is, there’s the lure of staying up late every single night. I shouldn’t even say night because I practically sleep during the day. When this happens, oh no.

First, waking up just in time for lunch means filling your stomach to the brim right after you’re awake. It also means that your brain is going to be deprived of oxygen the next hour because the bulk of your blood is busy salvaging whatever they can from your guts. The resulting heavy feeling in your head is, I’m sure, familiar with everyone. In simpler words, you go back to sleep exactly two hours after you have fully woken up.

Next, when you open your eyes, wow, the sky is tinged with orange. You make plans to go out to grab some materials for your vacation craft project, but just when you reach for your bag and wallet, Mom calls out, “Dinner!” “Aww, Mom, can’t I just go out for a moment?” “Have your dinner first, won’t you?” Fine. You sit down reluctantly and make a big show of putting food in your mouth. Uh uh, things don’t get any easier for you. Mom could have been a witch. She spices your dinner nicely and it ups your appetite. You won’t just stop now. One helping leads to another. Finally, when you’ve had that loud burp, you’re practically glued to the chair. Oh wait! I’m supposed to be going out, you say. As you get up, you catch a glimpse of the sky, only there’s inky blackness on the other side. Simplified, this whole chunk of words just mean that it’s too late to go out now.

Then, feeling irritated with yourself, you do the dishes. What else is there to do? Oh, the laptop’s just sitting quietly by the corner. “Tack” and the screen lights up. You have 365 new messages. X just tagged you in a photo. Y posted on your wall – 5 hours ago. Z commented on a post you were tagged in – 6 hours ago. W did a poo – 8 hours ago. Enough of social networking, you decide to watch videos. Someone does a great cover of the latest hit on radio. You like it. You decide to check out this person he/she featured in the video. Oh! Something piques your curiosity from the ‘Recommended Videos’ sidebar. Soon, you’ve amassed enough juicy bites to compete in ‘Who’s The Busiest-Body In The World?’. You take a look at the time and realize it’s 2.49 a.m. Oh, I’ll shut down at 3, you say. 3 a.m. comes and the 10 minute long video is just halfway through. Alright, 4 a.m. it is. By the time you had enough of the cyber world, it’s 4.39 a.m. and a tad too early to go to bed. However, your eyes are dry and irritated and you think of the bird calls and alarm clocks that will go off from the next hour or so, making it hard to sleep.

Finally, you retire to bed, falling asleep even before your head hits the pillow. Win.

But did you? The next day, you wake up at 2 p.m., just in time for lunch and the cycle basically just repeats itself. You curse yourself for not having enough self-discipline to adhere to the ‘normal’ human daily cycle. On second thoughts, you kinda enjoy the peace and quiet in the dark of the night.

Well, maybe the vacation is better spent that way. I have no qualms at all staying up till everyone wakes up. I discovered my seriously screwed-up circadian rhythm somewhere between 15-16 years on Earth and it’s sick, but I like it. Even if it means I can’t go out and get stuff done. Even if it means cursing myself everyday, there’s just a really simple pleasure knowing you’re the only one awake in the house in the dead of the night, spending quality time with yourself.

Blue Book

For best effects, try reading between the witching hour and dawn.

Just prepare to bolt straight to your room whenever you hear something dropping or crashing (I gladly recommend brushing your teeth before it starts to get creepy). No joke about this.


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