Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

There shouldn’t be an excuse for my missing last week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, but here they are anyway.

  1. I was really busy with French – if you’re curious, I’ve just taken my final paper. All I can say is that oral was a whole load of crap.
  2. The theme was too much for my young mind – this is nonsense, who wouldn’t know what indulgence meant?
  3. I didn’t go out so there was basically no picture to post about – lame excuse too, given the past 2 challenges were completed within the confines of my home.

Alright, let me start this post proper.

Frozen Yogurt With Marshmallow

Feasting on, well, "blood".

Before you start barfing all over your laptops, I’ll play the nice person and tell you that the picture above is NOT ground organs, nor is it blood cream with a little heart-shaped marshmallow sticking on top (oh, please, I’m not that sadistic…). Credits to my friend who came up with the gross interpretation of what she saw.

This, my friends, is my favourite yogurt flavour from one of the many frozen yogurt stalls sprouting around town. Who would have thought that yogurts could look so deeply red? It looks almost like blood and that, I’ll say, is a major deterrent for many consumers out there. My mother and the friend I so excitedly took to sample this flavour were both turned off by the colour enough to not appreciate the sweet, floury and buttery taste that rolled on my tongue so smoothly.

Call me weird, but the first time I was introduced this Red Velvet Cake flavoured yogurt, I was intrigued by the sheer darkness of its colour and sure enough, fell for it the moment the cold cake-tasting confectionery came into contact with my tongue. It was a queer feeling, given that yogurts have a reputation for being sour, but strangely, it felt heavenly too.

Dark and blood-red, with the ability to stain as seen in the poor little strawberry heart above, this is a distortion of the light-coloured and creamy norm we see at parlours around town and this is the kind of distortion that wins its way into my ever-so-strange heart.


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