Freedom Or Loneliness?

March 10, 2012

9.15 p.m.

I’m sitting on a bright red seat in the train now. I’m heading home. Alone. I came in a huge taxi, reaching in less than 30 minutes and now I’m making the 90 minutes journey home all by myself.

I can’t blame anyone as much as I want to. It is I who chose not to go with them. It is I who decided to stay behind.

9.30 p.m.

Just transferred to the 2nd train that will cross from the east to the west. They have turned off their phones. They are taking off in 15. The train is packed as ever despite there being only 3 stations before I boarded. Looks like I have to stand through 20 stations. Oh yes, I counted.

What will they be doing now? The air stewards and stewardesses will be giving safety instructions.

I got a seat.

My dry mouth tastes of the chicken burger I ate with them. Drat. I can’t drink. Not even plain water, unless I’m willing to part with $500. That’s a lot, mind you. I’ll be passing town soon and thinking of the number of people who will squeeze into this compartment is making me dizzy. Bother. Night life is a big part of life here.

What shall I do tomorrow? Wash the toilet? Do the laundry? Read? Make more bracelets? Ugh. Forgot to hand them the one on my hand.

9.41 p.m.

4 minutes to take off. 14 more stops till the next transfer. Is the plane reversing out of its dock? Is that what you even call it? One more minute. I love my family.

9.45 p.m.

Take off.

9.46 p.m.

Still a long way home. I’m feeling tired. Approaching town soon.

Okay, a huge bunch of homo sapiens just entered.

Should I get my friends out for dinner tomorrow? Probably. They might just drop a few crazy ideas for lunch and dinner for the next few days. Yep, one week alone.

I shall go on and post this when I get home. I’ll go jogging tomorrow, but I’ll have to bring my keys. They’ll be jiggling in my pocket. I’m suddenly woeful and jealous of everyone who’s calling home or messaging their loved ones. I have nobody.

10.34 p.m.

Just got off the bus. Home is just a few steps away.

*Note: This is what kept me occupied on my journey home from the airport after sending my family off. It’s that one-week break from school for my siblings. I have decided to stay behind because I thought I would have lots of activities going on in school or elsewhere. There is a tinge of regret inside me, but what use is there to cry over spilled milk? I’ll make the most out of these few days, then travel happily to the airport to welcome them home. Oh, the interval between 9.46 to 10.34 is spent playing crossword puzzles on my phone. Guilty indulgence.


Bon voyage!


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