Black? White? Yellow? Blue?!

I’ve recently been on YouTube, watching countless of videos – darn that ‘Recommended Videos’ bar – and without knowing why or what video I actually first watched that day, I came across a video response about Asians. Goodness me. I am Asian. I click on it without thinking. Thanks a lot, YouTube.

Turns out that while studying my butt off last year, there was a huge saga going on in the online video world. This girl from a world renowned university posted a video of herself ranting about Asians. Or Asians in the library. I may sound outdated talking about this now, but hey, there is nothing wrong about expressing your views about historical issues, is there?


This ever-so-sensitive issue that never fails to invite views and opinions. Why is it present in the first place? I would believe (and correct me if I’m wrong) that racism arises because of insecurities. Insecurities in terms of how we look, how we dress, how we do certain things. We are all used to seeing people who have similar physical characteristics (now, I’m not talking about males and females). We are all used to doing things a certain way. It could have been our great great grandfather’s way of doing things and it was passed down 4 generations to us. On the other hand, this person’s great great grandfather may have chosen another way of doing things. It was not wrong, it was his choice, and it was similarly passed down 4 generations to that person. The strange thing is 4 generations later, the descendants of these 2 men are irritated and annoyed at how each other does certain things. It is so ineffective, it is plain stupid. Thing is: it is not wrong, but because we were brought up in a different way from others, we feel wary about how other people behave. It’s only human.

The bulk of the problem lies with the reactions of people. Everything is fine if nobody says anything. They tolerate each other and learn about each other and live in harmony. However, once somebody starts provoking the other, war begins. One insult leads to another and eventually lives are taken. Human beings are naturally defensive. Tell me you’re not, I’ll give you a bunch of bananas. Say something that challenges their beliefs, like, “Who in the world eats bananas?” and you get, “Me, you non-banana-eating idiot!”

This could lead to “!@#$ you!” and “Your (insert family member here) is a %^&*!” It usually loses its meaning after the 3rd or 4th insult, if you ever noticed. But still, the countdown has started. The bomb will eventually explode and that’s when people get unreasonably mad at each other. This unfortunately carries over to every other member of the groups of the 2 individuals who started the brawl. Every member gets labelled the same thing. For example, I may eat bananas, but someone may call me a “non-banana-eating *ssh*le” just because my group mate who doesn’t eat bananas provoked him. It’s just too bad my group mate ticked off the guy from the other group. Then, I get pissed off and I start retorting. And it goes on and on. We only have 2 choices. Either to tackle the issue head on and be willing to apologize, or we have to cross our fingers and hope that it’ll dilute after some time.

I wouldn’t dare say that racism will one day be completely wiped off the face of the Earth, but I sure hope that day will come. It will take time, effort, more misunderstandings, but if, only if, we do eventually have such a world to live in, there will be no need to use the word ‘peace‘ anymore. Who cares if I’m black? Who cares if I’m white? Who cares if I’m yellow? Who cares if I’m blue (in case the citizens of Pandora decide to make Earth their home, we should be open to this, uh, concept)?!

Peace. (If you look closely at my profile picture, you’ll see a peace sign at the end of my name chain. That’s my wish for the world.)


2 thoughts on “Black? White? Yellow? Blue?!

  1. I think rascism will always exist unfortunately but I think in recent years rascism has become more subtle. For example you mentioned youtube and this would definitely be a site where rascism occurs even though it is seen as ‘funny’ and generally not taken too seriously unless of course you are the target of the rascism. Compared to years ago for example the African Americans in America, rascism was clearly evident where as today rascism of any denomination is still happening but its less obvious other than on the internet. It sucks people still have that attitude but I think even though it still very much exists, we have come a long way in the past few years due to the multi cultural society that we now live in. P.S your definition of rascism hits the nail on the head I think haha 🙂

    • Thank you! 😀 I’m glad this post got you thinking.

      Yeah, I do agree that we’ve come a really long way. We once had racial riots here in which people were killed, but now people live together amiably. There’s been a lot of interracial marriages going on too, which is a good sign, I suppose, that people are stepping away from the old stereotype.

      And yes, also to the part where you brought up that racism of any denomination is happening. No one is safe.

      In YouTube, of course, there are some people who aren’t sensitive enough to consider the feelings of others before uploading their videos (which is sad, really) and this applies to all topics, not just race. Why don’t you check out the video? 🙂 It’s interesting, really, seeing things from someone else’s perspective.

      I’d like to know what you think! Good night and here’s to another day of blogging!

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