Forever Young

First off, I would like to thank my dear friends for easing my transition into adulthood. (They probably won’t see this, but they’ll definitely be touched if they come across it in 20 years’ time…) One fine Monday, I missed the wretched rush hour bus and had to wait 20 minutes at an over-congested bus-stop for a double-decked one to ferry me off to school. Yes, I was late. Very late. Our lecturer had already commenced his briefing for the practical class (we had to analyse some proteins using Thin Layer Chromatography) and I approached my bench just to hear him say that the last one to enter usually has to donate his/her urine.



Oh yes, we had to come into contact with pee. I’m forever indebted to this classmate who took my place and subjected his (Did I mention that it’s much easier for guys to urinate into a little plastic container?) piss to a variety of chemicals.

When we were all set and done, and the piece of paper was dipped into a solution, we had a one-hour break. Sick of staying in the lab, I suggested going out for a breath of fresh air. Turns out that in April, the air is warm and humid and you sweat a gallon even when you’re standing still. I should have known that all along, but we’ll talk about my inability to learn from experiences next time.

As I was removing my lab coat, my friends had silently signalled to one another without my groggy self noticing.

“We have something for you,” said one.

The other two smiled as she dug in her bag for a little plastic bag with the letters “hmv” printed on them.

Oh. My. God.

“Happy birthday!” they chimed, almost a month late.

No, I’m not complaining at all. In fact, they made my day when I was feeling all grouchy because of the morning bus squash. Forgive me, but I was so excited that I forgot my etiquette and took a peek into the bag. Well, actually I didn’t have to. The bag was not opaque. I saw a black rectangle with a picture of wisps of smoke spreading upwards from a candle. No way. (Notice how we love to say no when what we really want to do is say yes?) I have been hearing about, watching about, reading about this thing online. The hype generated by people all over the world was and still is tremendous. Alright, alright, you can make a guess now. Answers will be revealed at the end of the post.

You haven’t heard the end of it! There was something else in the bag… It was squarish, shrink-wrapped and there were five guys staring back at me when I looked at it. I had to laugh! I had wanted to purchase one of that myself, but it was quite expensive. It’s also something I don’t really want everyone to know about, well, because. That’s a full-stop right there. I can’t spoil the surprise! Make a guess! I’ll put up wonderfully taken pictures at the end of the post.

Hint: This set of gifts made me feel young. I realised that I didn’t have to grow up at all. I mean I can grow older physically (since I shouldn’t be growing any taller and my features, sadly, will more or less stay as they are for the next 40 years or so) but I can stay the same mentally. After all, feeling young is a surefire way to take the stresses out of your life.

Is this the end of the post? I regret to say so. If it weren’t for school, I would have stayed up all night, writing and writing and writing and you won’t be able to finish reading this (ha!). However, I’m one week into the new school year and things are picking up fast. Time check: 12.29 a.m. I really am not getting much sleep nowadays.

Au revoir! Oh, you’re waiting for the answers? *Yawn* Why not we… *yawn* …wait for the next post for th… *yawn* …that? Aww… I don’t mean to trick you, but don’t you just love sudden changes and surprises? Meanwhile, before we meet again, why not leave a comment with your guesses of the two very belated birthday gifts? “Prizes” will be awarded for correct answers. (You know better than to trust me……)


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