My Sister’s Going To Think That I’m A Pervert


Before I delve into today’s topic, this here is the answer to the question I posed on the previous post. Beautiful isn’t it? My first ever John Green book. Coincidentally, he also has something to do with the title phrase.

Here’s a brief introduction of my second sister. She’s the one directly after me. She was a very adorable child and is still very funny and adorable as a 16-year-old. She did well enough in her Primary School Leaving Exams to get into a school with the so-called prestigious Integrated Program (Sometimes, I hope she didn’t go there). She’s really busy with her studies, almost 24/7, only taking breaks to shower or eat. We haven’t had heart-to-heart talks for ages. There’s a reason why I want to conquer the Ministry of Education.

Anyway, while I was browsing tumblr earlier tonight, she walked in on me watching a YouTube video on John Green’s tumblr about something that children (or teens in conservative Asia) shouldn’t be watching. Whoops. If you’re curious about the content, just watch the latest video he posted on the blog. Before you judge me, please note that I’m not a pervert. I’m just this super curious nerdy 18-year-old who wants to find out everything about the world. On the other hand, John Green wouldn’t post unsuitable material on his blog.

I’ll admit that sometimes I know a lot more than many people my age do, but the world (or the wretched Internet) makes it seem as if I’m a pervert. Which is totally wrong. I’m not interested that way (I know stuff, but I don’t do or use them). I’m just curious, very curious about everything around me and sometimes asking your parents might only give them the wrong idea. I’ve googled lots of words that can’t be written here, just because I’ve heard people calling others those. If anyone reads through my search history, they’re going to think I’ve got multiple personality disorder because I don’t use very bad curse words in real life, but my history is full of it.

As they say, “curiosity kills the cat”. I’m going to believe this from now on. I was lucky it was my sister who caught me being curious. If my father were to see it, I would be sent off to counselling first thing tomorrow for supposedly having lewd thoughts.


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