One Year, $10K

So here I am, sitting in front of the laptop, feeling grateful that there’s no class today while nursing a cold. Can it even be called a cold? It’s so warm here… Just a local update on the weather, according to, poor souls living in Singapore are melting under the 33°C heat and 58% humidity (RealFeel says it’s actually 42°C because the thermometer is enjoying life under the shade). It’s 3.50 PM. Welcome to the life of an Equatorian.

The heat and lack of sleep since term started had been getting at me… and they have succeeded in making me feel like crap. What can be worse than feeling all hot and stuffy on your nose and throat and feeling actually hot and stuffy all over?

Bloody hot weather aside, I’m now a full-fledged Year 2 student. Hooray! (That actually means I’m graduating soon and I can finally do what I want to do) With this comes great responsibility (sorry, Spidey). We’ll be setting out to intern at some research facilities and what-nots worldwide! Which means I stand a chance to fly over to Korea, UK or Ireland. Goodness. I’ve never stepped out of the Asia-Pacific region.

Internships are a year away, but I’m getting all hyped up about it already. One of the reasons keeping me here doing what I know I won’t be doing in the future is the opportunity to go to the United Kingdom (feels great typing it out) or Ireland. Gosh. It would be a dream come true. There’s the US learning trip they planned for us later in September (which costs S$5,000) and a France trip ($4,000), but nothing beats being in a totally foreign country for 4 whole months. No, I’m not in any of those trips yet. The school, although generous in trip-planning, is not that willing to fork out money to sponsor their precious students in their learning journeys. Understandable, considering that it is quite expensive even for a rich kid.

I have only ever seen pictures of this thing…

Thus comes the issue of gathering $10,000 in one year. In order to get myself stuck inside a flying metal structure with wings for 12 hours 54 minutes (to London) or 13 hours 26 minutes (to Ireland), I need to cough up that amount of money by early or mid-2013. Many students would just give up there and then, but I’m not going to let financial matters get in the way of my dreams. No way. I’m going to either one of these countries and that’s that. I will get that part-time job, no matter how hard it’s going to be, and I’m going to be one of the very few going to Europe.

Dang. It’s so beautiful, I’ll cry seeing this in real life.

Now, let me get off my laptop, please. I have to convince a dozen people that pouring ice cubes down your shirt is a very sensible thing to do. I’ll still have to survive this sweltering heat before I can end up in 2013.


11 thoughts on “One Year, $10K

  1. Haha don’t be compaining about the hot weather, i’m badly in need of some vitamin d lol. You HAVE to come to Ireland haha soooo much better than the UK 🙂

      • Are you serious? 😀 I’d be really glad to! I really hope I’m able to go there!
        It’s cold in Ireland now right? I would give you some of the heat here if I could!
        What’s there to see and do in Ireland? If I were to make it there, maybe you could bring me around. Haha! Forgive me, I’m so excited one whole year before we’re supposed to set-off. 😛

  2. Yea of course 🙂 Its supposed to be heading into summer now as our summer is June, July and August but we don’t get that good weather like you would 😦 Its mild not cold but you might find it cold seeing as your used to the heat….Theres lots to do in Ireland, cliffs of moher, Glendalough in Wicklow, castles, caves, scenery, giants causeway, the titantic centre in Belfast ( it looks soo cool, google it. Yea i’m not that good at naming of places but I could show you all around 🙂 Dublin city is near where I live so I go there a lot whenever I have money lol. You could go over to London for a weekend to as you can get cheap flights and its a very short journey.

    • Ooh… It’s supposed to be the warmest here in June too. I think I will find it cold there. Temperatures within the 20s are quite chilly to us here. Haha. Ireland sure sounds like an amazing place. It’s just so beautiful… Oh, I’ve just been to the Titanic Exhibition here in Singapore. It was really cool. There was this block of ice where we could place our hands on to experience what it was like to be in the water when the ship sank. I couldn’t last more than 10 seconds. :(I’ll be hoping fervently that I get the Ireland internship now. You’re making it seem too good to miss. 😀

  3. It won’t be hot but it won’t be cold either if that makes any sense haha….well look up the titantic belfast and you will see it all, it looks amazing…haha I could last way longer than that lol 😛 haha
    Yea, how long would be staying in ireland then if all goes ahead??

    • Haha! It does, it does. 🙂 It was like this for the past 2 days, only tonight it’s really hot again. Oh well, can’t do anything about it. Haha.Yeah, I googled it and it sure does look real cool! They have this whole centre dedicated to it. I’d be thrilled to be able to visit. 😀 You sure could! Cold is just so… foreign to us here. Heh.IF and only IF everything goes well, I should be there for about 4 months. 🙂

  4. Yea oh I’d love it if cold was foreign to me here haha can’t wait to move abroad to the heat. Yea deadly you would have an awesome time here 🙂

  5. It’s now 80’sF in Houston. Warm but perfect for swimming. I wish you the best. One day, you will see these amazing places in person. I’m crossing my fingers I get to see them too one day. A toast to amazing future travels and journey!

    • Thank you! It’s so huge, the world. All the best to you, in hopes that you too will achieve that dream of seeing those places.
      In the meantime, enjoy that swim in Houston! I wish I could swim!

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