New York or Paris?

Hooray, I found out that I’m eligible to apply for a USA and France trip with the school. The only issues are the clash of timings and well, of course, finance. Which means, that I have to put myself through a torturous procedure to choose one. Only one trip. There will be pain, lots of pain involved in forgoing the other and there will be joy, joy in travelling into the Western side of the world for the very first time.

The entrance to a building used by Berklee Col...

The entrance to a building used by Berklee College of Music. Part of the Wikipedia Takes Boston scavenger hunt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I eventually decide to go to the USA, I will be heading over to Massachusetts and New York, including the very famous city of Boston. The city which houses possibly the world’s brightest minds in the likes of Harvard, MIT and Boston. Browsing through the wikipedia page (oh damn, I feel so ashamed), I caught the name Berklee College of Music too. Other than (probably) being the city with the highest ratio of highly intelligent people per square foot, Boston also boasts tear-inducing autumn views too. Man, those red and orange trees. Yes, that’s one thing to consider, considering the fact that it’ll be autumn come September when(if) we embark on our inaugural (at least for most people) journey to the land of the free.

Did I mention New York up there? New York, New York! The city where you stretch out your arms by your side and look to the sky smiling your widest smile in a moment of sheer happiness the first time you step into it. Well, at least that’s what I learnt from those Hollywood movies. Plus, Broadway musicals, all the awesome street busking and great food. Oh, AND those ridiculously huge billboards. This will be the place I get my new school bag. I will cross my fingers and wish my current one won’t rip open until then.

This image was selected as a picture of the we...

Tour Eiffel

Now, across the Atlantic to France. We’ll be visiting cities like Paris, Vichy, Cannes, Nice and Versailles. There’s no need for me to describe how gorgeous France is. You have seen. Either through pictures or with your own eyes. In the itinerary, it is stated that we’ll be visiting medieval villages (I’m hooked on Game of Thrones, with the common tests around the corner) and the Eiffel Tower of course. We’ll also be taking the metro and living with a French host family. There’ll be lessons at a French school, French food, French cobblestone roads, French scenery, etc. Not to mention going there will be a great help to my very terrible French speaking skills.

People will be more refined, infrastructure will be a lot more pleasant to the eyes, goods will be more expensive. Which means that I’ll have to bring extra money to shop for souvenirs or well, little indulgences. There will be little pop ins to vineyards and cheese making farms, as well as river cruises and a visit to Monaco. One thing though, I probably won’t be able to get a decent school bag with an affordable price tag here.

So now, I’ve keyed in what I know of both trips up till this point of time. I am very, very torn between these two wonderful countries. There are other factors that will affect the outcome of my decision. For one, the USA trip is subsidised partially while the France one isn’t. However, the France trip will last 23 days while the USA one will only be 2 weeks long.

My mum has said that it will be impossible for us to go to the US, either in the near future or the far one, because of the size of our family. We’ll have to live on plain porridge for half a year if we do. It is more likely that we’re able to go to France, because I have a cousin living in bordering Switzerland. If we do visit, we could just cross the border and enter La France. I have to mention that it is also highly unlikely that I’ll go to France with my family, just that the odds are not zero, unlike the US one.

That is why she has asked me to travel with the school, where trips are subsidised and affordable as they only have to pay for one person.

This, I believe, is one of those bittersweet times in life when great pain is felt in order to feel good. Growing up has its sorrows, and giving up a great opportunity for another equally enticing one is one of them.

With this I end my very ‘sighful’ post. My eyes are blurring now and I ought to sleep. I wish, I wish with all my might that the dreams tonight will bring a sight.

Bonne nuit.


2 thoughts on “New York or Paris?

  1. I have been to both America and France and I presume you have seen lots of American films and seen lots of pictures. I really liked Paris, the architecture is amazing and the eiffel tower and the lourve are fabulous. Paris is a fantastic city that you absolutely have to visit but then maybe if america is totally out of the question for your family then I wouldn’t miss the chance to go to America, it to is a must see so if I was you I’d pick America nad then go to Paris when you are older xxx

    • Thanks! I think you’ve helped me solidify my decision a bit. My friends have been saying that France is much better but I wondered if missing America was worth it. Guess USA’s the final decision then. 🙂 Hope I get through the interview though!

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