Father’s Day and The Iron Throne

It’s 2.40 am. I haven’t showered and will be this way for quite awhile. Or at least till I finish writing this post. T’was a day of frustration and brain-rummaging for the 4 of us (did I ever mention that I have 3 younger siblings?) as we headed to the shoppes in search of Theee Purrfect Father’s Day Gift for our most beloved Daddy. Thank goodness for the abundance of shopping malls here.

After all the hushed discussions and silent-pissed-off moments in Times bookstore plus additional preparations at home involving a newly-bought lantern and tealight candles from Ikea, we ended up with these.

Complete with bows

For those who haven’t tried shopping for their fathers, I’ll let you in on this: It is extremely difficult to get something suitable for a Dad (or it’s just my Dad).

The wrapping posed a huge issue too, since only me and my sisters know how to do basic gift-wrapping. My brother knows how to watch TV. We wanted to do something out of the ordinary, yet had no idea how to do so. Thankfully, there’s Google. One new thing I learnt today was making magazine bows. See the ridiculous bows on the gifts ( I liked them though)? Those were cut out from a magazine my mother picked up from a recent museum visit that was meant for rich tourists. I made the bright pink one for Mom as a belated Mother’s Day gift. My youngest sister, still in primary school, made the other one. Strangely enough, it was an advertisement for Coach. She used it because she was apparently obsessed with the bag as well as the glove of the lady (there was no face) who was showing it off. Kids these days…

Anyway, things adhered as closely to our plan as possible, apart from all the giggling my sister did while we were supposed to be hiding and they all went to bed at 2 in the morning.

The next thing I’m going to ramble about, as you have seen in the title, is The Iron Throne. Just look at this.

Oh no! Not in the library!

I made a trip to the bigger library in the neighbouring district to look for A Game of Thrones because I just couldn’t resist. I found my book and was travelling down to the borrowing stations on the first floor when my sister pulled me towards this mini replica of the much coveted Iron Throne. The Iron Throne. Sitting in a local library. What more can you ask for, you little geek?! Too bad it wasn’t “sittable” or I would have plonked down on it and ordered a few heads chopped. Nah, I wouldn’t do that. I fiddled with it a bit, pulling a few swords here and there and checked out the back. Turns out the swords are screwed together and the Throne is apparently made of metal, albeit much cheaper than iron. The library was trying to promote fantasy to readers, but ironically, none of the books on the Iron Throne were from A Song of Ice and Fire. Noticed what I did there?

I’ve really got to shower now. Ugh, where’s my resolution to sleep before midnight going?

It’s 3.40 am and it’s The Strange Introvert signing off.

Happy Father’s Day to all you blogging Dads!


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