Many Lovely Bloggers

While I was offline mourning over the amount of work I have to complete and brooding over the upcoming exams, someone popped by and nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award! So, here I am, expressing my heartfelt thanks to Savindi from The Streetlight Reader who so kindly brightened up my dark night (a much needed streetlight indeed).

If you haven’t checked out Savindi’s blog, click on the link above for a quick teleport to a wonderful world of books, books and more books. Okay, to be clearer, she has tons of great book reviews, recommendations and other book-related posts (like this one) that will keep you off your book to read about more books!

Once again, thank you, Savindi. I’m really grateful for your nomination and I’m looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers from your list.

Here are the rules for the award:

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you
  • Paste the award image on your blog
  • Tell 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other blogs that you would like to give the award to
  • Contact the bloggers chosen and let them know about the award

Right. Now I’ll have to bare my soul to the world (haha!) and tell 7 facts about myself. Here goes:

  1. Umm… This is harder than I thought… Okay, let’s start with this: I’m a huge nerd about things I love. When I mean huge, I mean huge.
  2. My favourite characters in TV shows or movies tend to not be the main character. It’s usually the quiet one struggling with a lot of issues (does that make me a sadist?). Well, they’re usually quite good-looking guys… but I swear I liked them for their “broodiness” first.
  3. My very first ambition was to become a zookeeper. No, wait, a cashier (I loved the sound cash registers make and the way the jab of a button makes the drawer burst out). I’m not that sure anymore, but it was definitely one of these two.
  4. I love thrill rides. Coasters that dangle people in various positions are very welcomed in my world.
  5. I used to be a clarinetist in a military band and a concert band. I wish to continue playing in a band, but prospects don’t look good for me here (I was quite a terrible player).
  6. I read really slowly. I cannot let go of minute details…
  7. The last one! Harry Potter fans are going to be so mad at this. Don’t get me wrong! I am a great fan of Harry Potter, but it all started with the 5th book. I know a lot of fans argue that they are the true ones because they were there when it all started, but forgive the late book bloomer who refused to read anything with human beings inside when she was younger. (This is great fodder for a blog post!)

Choo choo! What? Between books 5 and 6?


I’m really sorry to say that I’m not ready to post up my nominations yet. I’ll make a list of them when it’s the right time, but till then, I guess you’ll have to stick to reading about my very mundane life (for this, I apologize as well!).

I’ll see you all lovely bloggers when I next pop by! I pray it will be soon, but we’ll have to see about that.


8 thoughts on “Many Lovely Bloggers

  1. Ha ha, my first ambition was rather lame. When I was younger I proudly announced: “I want to be a cowgirl!” It made no sense. I was not even remotely interested in horses, so… wat, Raya, waaat.

    I noticed I tend to favor supporting characters myself! In books, shows, movies… Oh, and villains. I almost always fancy the villain so much more than the hero or heroine. I don’t know, but I find something fascinating about antagonists that the good guys can’t seem to give me.

    • Hahaha! Did you get to dress up as one? I think we all should have a day where we celebrate our childhood dreams… I’m sure everyone had a silly dream or two, so no one can be judged for theirs.

      That’s interesting. I can’t remember ever liking villains much until I came to Game of Thrones. If ever you intend to delve into the world of fantasy, that’s one to start with. The lines between good and bad are so undefined that you’ll find yourself rooting for the villains (who did really unforgivable things!) from time to time.

      • I didn’t, which is a shame, because I can’t say I ever spotted another kid with cowgirl getup. I spent many Halloweens dressed as a witch or black cat, though — I felt certain awe with those for some reason.

        I think it has to do with the series of events that turn a character evil. (I do love character backstories!)

        Haven’t read Game of Thrones yet, but several people have raved about it to me (both about the books and show). I’ve pegged it as a must-read!

      • I do love witches (after Harry Potter, that is), but I’m not so fond of black cats after one ambushed me in my ninth floor flat. Apparently, cats these days know how to commute by lift.
        That’s great! The show is, by itself, really captivating, but as shows go, it leaves out some of the important back stories that are in the book. The book provides really deep insights into various characters’ backgrounds, bit by bit, which explains so much more about why certain things happened in the show. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did!

      • Aah — oh no! I hope the cat didn’t bite? I had a short-lived fear of dogs as a toddler. A dog came right up to me one day and latched onto my arm. At least I had several thick layers of clothing, because an official dog bite would have only convinced my fear to stay longer.

        Your description of the book and characters makes me want to read the books even more! Now I’m really excited to read it 😀

  2. Argh, that would have been such a fright! Good thing you shook off the fear though! Thankfully the cat didn’t bite, but it lurks around downstairs, so I’m still a bit wary. Haha.

    Go go read it! That is if you’re free, of course, and let me know what you think! 😀

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