Study Time

Great. This seems to be a ritual. Post something the day before a major test or exam. I’m still stuck trying to read through really boring slides with contents I cannot comprehend up till this day. Let me out of this sinkhole soon, please.

Due to the impending doom that is tomorrow, I shall just provide a quick update about some temporary changes I’ve made to my profile. Our lecturer had very kindly requested that we complete a project using a blog, to which I happily agreed to, and eagerly persuaded my partner to use WordPress as our blogging platform. To my horror, my profile was visible to everyone who had the link to the project blog. This was definitely not what I asked for. I don’t want a whole bunch of school people lurking around here, trying to pick up pieces of information that could be used to blackmail me in the future (me being reasonably paranoid). Hence, the change of my display name and the deletion of this blog from my profile.

We were also asked to present our project using our blogs, and what could be worse when your classmates see that your online alter-ego is named “thestrangeintrovert“? I created this blog in hopes of meeting like-minded people and to escape from the hellhole they call school. I came to make friends, learn from others and express myself freely in what I believe in, but this one moment of folly could have cost me that freedom. I might just be doomed to a lifetime of being silently mocked at (and being aware of it) or having people know things I never told them (creepy thing which happened before).

Well, first and foremost, I was the silly one who opened up this blog to the world, though this has been one of my best decisions. I found a place to revel in my introversion without normal people looking at me strangely. I’m really grateful for this community of awesome bloggers who made me appreciate who I am so much more.

I know some school people might have already bookmarked this page, considering the increase in human traffic (thank you, WordPress stats page) for the past few weeks, but what can I do? I’m not going to change who I am. I’m going to continue doing what I set out to do, so don’t worry, you’re guaranteed to more weird happenings and nerdy musings.

Alright, I’m going to have to log off for the time being to concentrate on my lagging academic performance. Oh, but you know me, I’ll be back the day before my exams.


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