Harry Potter, Books & America

The vacations have started!

Just one day into the 7 week long holidays, I’ve finished a book, watched a few hour-long shows on TV, unzipped Luke from his little bag and been to Harry Potter: The Exhibition. You must believe me. Here, I’ve got a picture of the Ford Anglia as proof.

Arthur Weasley's Car

Well, it sure flies…

I was just holding my phone up and trying to get the whole car in the picture and then I noticed that I had the perfect angle for this shot. Just look at those light rays… The (suspended) car just looks a lot more magical with them.

The exhibition was a blast. I had been waiting since June to see it. It was really great to see the props from the movies out in the open, though I had some suspicions about them. The sizes of some of the pieces of clothing looked too small to be real, but maybe the actors and actresses were really slim. I was awed by the life-sized chess pieces we saw in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone because they didn’t seem so big when mini-sized Harry, Ron and Hermoine were playing them. I figured that 2 people could sit on the back of a pawn. The rook is likely to be as tall as 2 people. I enjoyed throwing quaffles into hoops too, though that took a bit of courage. The wands, located at various parts of the exhibition, were the greatest attraction, judging by the number of people constantly glued near the glass cases. I loved Snape’s wand, as well as Sirius’. Hermoine’s was beautiful too. I wonder how much work it took to design and make those.

When we stepped out of the exhibition hall directly into the gift shop, we behaved like children at Disneyland for the first time. We were running around the shop, picking up souvenirs and calling out to one another constantly. This was about all I could say: I want everything inside this shop! However, Warner Bros. knew what they were doing and all we got were Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans (even these were overpriced). I was so tempted to get a Gryffindor tie, but the rational part of me said I could probably get one at half the price somewhere else.

We certainly didn’t regret splurging on the candies. It was all laughter at the table tonight, with my youngest sister trying out the earthworm flavoured bean. We took turns popping disgusting flavours into our mouths. Willingly, though with huge amounts of fear. The lesson of the day is to never keep the rotten egg bean in your mouth for more than 5 seconds and chew it (what was I thinking?!). It took 2 sweet gummies and lots of water to rid my mouth of that foul taste. I’m glad to say though, that after 18 years, I’ve finally tasted rubbish.

On a side note, I’ve also gotten around to finish A Clash of Kings and am chewing on A Storm of Swords now. It just keeps getting better. I never thought anything could beat the TV series, but I realized that the books themselves win hands down for the vivid descriptions and suspense and everything else they couldn’t fit into the screen. That includes a huge amount of back story and a huge amount of detail. I can’t wait to own all of them.

Also worthy of mentioning, I’m going to America! It’s this study trip I mentioned in an earlier post (I forgot which one though). The school has finally confirmed with us and we’ll be in the air on September 11. Yes. 9/11. Not a good omen, but that’s when you get the cheapest tickets. This will be my first ever flight out of Asia and Australia, and my 5th ever flight anywhere. I’m filled to the brim with anticipation. A 20 hour long flight and a country I had only seen on screen. I’m really lucky to be given this opportunity and even luckier to have parents who trust me enough to let me fly off to a continent they themselves have never been to. Mum and Dad who don’t know about my blog, thank you. I’ll bring back a few autumn leaves from Boston. And gifts too, don’t worry. I’ll be doing a daily update when I get there. Pictures of different kinds of autumn leaves will be featured.

It’s bed time for me now. I have a bad feeling I’ll be down with the flu soon. It happens almost every start of the holidays. Till next time!

Magic is might, enjoy your night. (I’m sorry, I make terribly rhymesΒ when I’m happy)

*P.S. Rupert Grint is 24. Gosh. I still remember him as the really adorable little boy……


7 thoughts on “Harry Potter, Books & America

  1. I went to the Harry Potter Exhibition in 2010 when it came to Toronto :). I got the House Book Marks and my brother got a mug which shows the Marauder’s Map when you put hot liquid into it. We also got to sit in Hagrid’s chair which was cool!

    I hope you have a great time in America πŸ™‚ How long are you going to be there for?

    • Oh yes! I forgot about Hagrid’s chair! Hahaha! I could curl up and sleep on that. We didn’t have any bookmarks or picture changing mugs though… Oh well, guess they differ in every city!

      Thanks! I get so excited just thinking about it! I’ll be there for less than 12 days, if you factor in the 20-hour long flights. I do enjoy riding in a plane though. πŸ˜€

  2. The exhibition sounds fun!

    I have a friend who is speeding through Martin’s books right now. She just finished book 4 and has already ordered book 5! I get the feeling that I’m missing out the longer I hold off on the series.

    Enjoy your trip to the states! You mentioned Boston, so I take it that you’ll be visiting the east coast? I’ve never been over there, but I imagine there are more tourist attractions than in other U.S. locations. More big, exciting things happen in the eastern states, it seems.

    Ahh, you and me both, then. I’m also sick.

    • Don’t worry, books will always wait for their readers. πŸ˜‰ I’m spending most of my days reading A Storm of Swords now. Not that I can help it, it takes a great deal of determination to put that one down.

      Yup! The Boston part will be the university visits, to see how things work there. I think the fun will be in New York. I’m not sure of any other places we will be visiting yet. I’m mostly looking forward to seeing autumn though, because what we get here are green leaves, hot days and lots of rain. It’ll be good to see some orange leaves for a change. πŸ˜€

      Drink lots of water and get lots of rest alright? Hope you’ll get well soon!

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