Mobile Testing

I’ve made the difficult decision of leaving my laptop at home while I selfishly travel to the other side of planet Earth. Hence, as a punishment I have to download the WordPress application on my starved-for-space mobile phone and update from here. My thumbs are almost cramping up now. Good thing I’m still at home. The school thought flying us off on the twelfth would be better after all. Hope this post is looking normal enough…

I’ll have to retire to bed now. The school’s making us meet at 10 am for an afternoon flight and the airport is on the other side of the island. So long to my twisted sleeping time then.

I’ll be back GMT-5 time tomorrow. Here’s to the upcoming transpacific (is there even such a word?) 24 hour flight! Good night.

*I had been a young child when the towers fell, but I can still see the small TV set broadcasting a little show about planes crashing into buildings to make huge fireballs and smokeballs. RIP, all victims of 9/11. You will always be in the minds of those you left behind.


2 thoughts on “Mobile Testing

  1. I like the WP app mainly for checking stats when bored and receiving on-time comment notification — not much else, though, because I can’t stand typing on my phone unless I’m texting!

    Hope you have a comfortable flight! I know I’d feel terribly cramped and claustrophobic on a plane for that long.

    • Thanks! I survived the flight. Thank goodness. It was so rocky all the way… and so cold. Thinking of the flight back makes me cringe. I’m loving Boston a lot, so maybe, just maybe, I should give the flight a miss……

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