A Very Bahstun Day

We’re waiting for our dinner somewhere in a crowded marketplace in Boston. It’s been a really tiring but enjoyable 2 days. We all suffered from some terrible disease called Jet Lag yesterday, but everyone’s mood has lifted quite considerably today.

We reached New York at around 10 pm on the 12th, but only checked in to our hotel in Boston at 5 am. That’s 2 hours of immigration clearance, 4 hours of bus travel and 1 hour of turning round the streets of beautiful Boston, lost.

We went knocking on the doors of MIT at 10 am and proceeded to Harvard later in the afternoon. These 2 colleges are vastly different in terms of their infrastructure. I can’t upload pictures from my camera now, so I’ll just say that one looks ultra modern while the other is beautifully ancient.

Today, we went on a very meaningful and beautiful trail. Man, those houses, those streets, those alleys… I’ve already made plans to retire there. If my jet lagged mind remembers correctly, it’s called the Beacon Hill Black Heritage Trail. The stories about the things people did for freedom from slavery were really moving. Those who were willing to put themselves in danger for the freedom for others were even more admirable. Enough of words for now.

What a beautiful image the screen is projecting!

Wait… Are we living in the 18th century?

Ah, the buildings of Boston, across a really wide river.


Can a sewer be beautiful?


It could pass off as photoshopped…

Oh, the harbour, the clouds, the sea…


Yes, yes, I went to heaven and back.

I couldn’t get more decent photographs because the bus was moving. The beautiful Beacon Hill houses are locked in my camera for the time being. Those, and the cute little autumn leaf.

That’s it for today! I’m going to prepare myself for more fun tomorrow. Ahm loving Bahstun!


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