Greetings, fellow Earthlings! It’s an unhealthy 4 a.m. in the morning here in Southeast Asia and I am sitting in my living room with my laptop (and two speakers, and a bottle of skittles). I missed those times we spent together furiously typing away into the break of dawn. Of course, dad told me off multiple times, but inspirations come in the dead of the night.

I know, I know, yet another obsession, yet another fandom to get into. This is turning from bad to worse, don’t you think?

Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson

Just perfect screen pairing.

For those who aren’t familiar with the mind-blowing minimegaseries (each series consists of three 90 minute episodes), Sherlock is based on the legendary Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but set in modern day London. I was hooked thanks to the local English channel which surprisingly, brought in a really good British TV series not too long after it first aired. *claps*

Being a fan of detective stories since young, my pulse quickened as soon as I saw the trailer and the actual show did not disappoint. In fact, it impressed me when I thought TV shows couldn’t get more awesome than Game of Thrones. These two are at the top of my list now and I will be very angry if you ask me to rank one over the other.

The writing is genius, if you ask me. The story flows perfectly from scene to scene, with perfectly timed surprises. This is partially the reason why I can’t fall asleep at 4 a.m. in the morning. The shock had activated the adrenal glands in my body and I’m in full-on combat mode. The action scenes leave you anxious and the cliffhangers make you bite into your knuckles in anticipation and fear.

Having read a select few of the original Sherlock Holmes stories, I was very impressed with the adaptation from book to modern day TV screen. Technologies were brought in and packed in nicely to make the story flow seamlessly with an extra punch. Even my geeky brother was baffled.

The casting was perfect too. This Sherlock Holmes and this Doctor Watson had so much chemistry on screen that people started speculating and believing that they were in a more than friendly relationship. Honestly, I found that quite adorable too. I can’t help being amazed by the actors’ skills. Benedict Cumberbatch had to play this abnormally intelligent but otherwise seemingly ignorant man, which I believe was not easy. He brought out Sherlock as an arrogant, unsociable genius with a heart for the people who mean the most to him. It’s so complicated and so human that I love watching him interacting with those around him. No, Sherlock, you’re not a sociopath, you’re a highly intelligent man choosing not to let his emotions affect his work. You’ll feel the awkwardness when he says something wrong or laugh at his frustrations with ‘normal’ individuals. They couldn’t have chosen a better actor for this role for one, he looks the part and two, he fits the part.

On about the dearest John Watson. I couldn’t help falling in love with this character, played by Martin Freeman, whom I believe won an award for Best Supporting Actor last year. Watson in this series plays a huge role in Sherlock’s life and work and mainly acts as a guide and a friend for him. You can tell just how much he cares about Sherlock just by looking at him, though there are mostly looks of annoyance and frustration at his inability to behave ‘normally’. Watson is underestimated and mocked at by Sherlock most of the times and is at the receiving end of his various outbursts, yet his unwavering loyalty keeps him by his side, even though you could see the hurt through his eyes when Sherlock lashes out at him. They have become an indispensable part of each other’s lives, and you can tell that just by watching them bicker, or occasionally, laugh together. By the end of the first episode, you are wishing that these two would never have to be separated. That is how powerful this Sherlock-Watson pairing is.

I may not be the best judge, since I’ve only caught this series and the movie version of Sherlock Holmes, but this series has so far exceeded all my expectations of a Sherlock Holmes screen adaptation. I would readily place this on top of the movie adaptation. No matter how much I try to deny it, I prefer Martin Freeman as a quieter and more nuanced John Watson as compared to the Jude Law version of a butt-kicking Dr. Watson.

Now let me look for those books so I can finish all the Holmes stories before this break comes to an end.


6 thoughts on “I AM SHERLOCKED

  1. I really love this show, and I must admit that it took me by surprise. Cumberbatch plays a fantastic Sherlock (with the kind of voice that just makes you melt, I add), and I adore Freeman in Watson’s role with his blog! I’m actually disappointed that I can’t get one of my friends to watch it, but she’ll watch Elementary. Pfff. (Can’t say I know if Elementary is any good, though — never watched it.)

    • Yay, another supporter of the show! Indeed! My brother always says “Sherlock sounds like Snape!” and I can’t help but agree. Watson is, in my opinion, the best friend a man could ever have. I love it that he blogs about his adventures too! That’s a pity. I’m facing the same issue here. People have grown tired of the shows the free-to-air channels brought in in recent years, so it’s hard to convince them that this one is pretty awesome. Haven’t heard much about Elementary too, but there’s quite a bit of fan love for that on tumblr too.

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