Tropical Chill

Surprise! It’s chilly here. I hadn’t realised how much I missed the chill until the wind blew (still blowing strong now) in through the window and reduced my fingers to five stiff pairs of chopsticks. The last I checked with AccuWeather (I admit that I have a sick obsession with finding out the temperature and weather conditions of the places I’m living in or had been to or going to), it’s 26 degrees Celcius. I know! Don’t scoff at me, you temperate climateers. We’ve seen the hottest January day ever in Singapore just last Monday when temperatures reached about 35 degrees, so I wouldn’t expect tonight to be so… chilly.

That said, I did lose faith a little and thought the cool January air wouldn’t arrive this year. Oh, how I was wrong. I feel like I’m in an air-conditioned room right now. If you could see me now, my face is an example of bliss. In other words, I’m smiling like at idiot in front of my laptop.

I know winter has come for some of you Northerners and I hope you’ll find comfort near your fireplaces or in nearby cafes or under your thick fleece blankets. Meanwhile, I’m going to grab a bowl of cereal with cold chocolate milk and enjoy the forgiving weather while it lasts (probably till February; March is okay; April to September is brutal).


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