Spring’s Here…?

I had a chat with a colleague at work today. Feeling sick of layering sloppy T-shirts under my “work” shirts, I asked him when spring would arrive.

“It’s spring now,” he said, laughing at the look on my face.

I showered this morning before work, but that was a really bad idea. I don’t know about you, but once I’m covered in running warm water, I never want to get out of the shower. The second the water goes off, the cold rushes in and you wish you hadn’t made the stupid decision to get yourself cleaned. I tried my best, but I was still late for work by 10 minutes. Holy potatoes. No one said anything though, so I’m guessing flexi work time applies to interns too… At least I hope so…

This Sunday, I woke up around noon to find the room abnormally bright. Without first brushing my teeth, I turned on my computer and started up Skype. Within minutes, I was eagerly pulling the latch open and flashing my laptop out the window. People downstairs must have thought I was crazy. I was so excited by the amount of sunlight bathing the ground below that I had to show everyone what it’s like here. I think it sort of glorified the weather because that was honestly the first ray of sun I saw since I arrive in the cold city. My family and friend were so jealous of me, but then again they didn’t have to stand wet and naked in the 0°C air.

My friend and I, we decided that we were going jogging since it was so beautiful outside. Ah, what a painful lesson learnt; sunny is sunny, cold is still cold. I was nearly dying around 5 minutes to the supermarket we were heading to. The ears and the respiratory passage were screaming at me to stop. It was hours before I felt well enough again. As soon as we got out of the supermarket, it was gloomy again. Worse, the wind was blowing right at us. It never stopped once the 15 minutes we walked home. When we returned to the room, all I could do was lie on my bed and stare into space. Looks like whatever happened to my body happened to my brain as well.

However, the trip proved worthwhile because the meal we had later was the best we had since we got here (yeah, we had the exact same sandwich for lunch all weekday). The picture below shows the transformation of our dinners.

I feel like Jamie Oliver now.

I had to hand-cook instant noodles on the first day because we didn’t want to use the filthy pots. On day 8, we had washed most of the utensils with boiling water, so we could finally eat something decent (restaurant-grade carbonara pasta). If there’s anything you have to get, those of you living abroad (and not vegetarian), it’s bacon. I’m a firm believer in the wonders of bacon. Bacon makes everything better. Vote for bacon.

We’re back to eating wraps for lunch this week (yes, the same thing everyday until they finish), but I’m looking forward to the weekends when we could maybe try our hand at something new. Here’s to hope that I lose less than 5 kg these four months.

*Okay, maybe you can drop me some advice on how to save money (bearing in mind this is Expensive Europe) yet eat properly at the same time because I really don’t need to lose anymore weight.*


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