Love Is SO Overrated

Come on, who needs love?

That fluttery feeling in your gut; that inability to respire normally; that irregular thumping in your chest; that wetness in your palms; that sudden loss of verbal dexterity; that intense pull of longingness in your heart. They sound more like symptoms of anxiety, no?

The precious time spent idly eating and chatting could be spent doing productive work like studying or clocking in extra hours at the office. Better grades and more pay. Where does celebrating Valentine’s get you? Marriage and three snotty kids, maybe.

Why reserve seats at restaurants and buy overpriced roses when you can be in your pajamas, eating Kettle Brand Honey Dijon chips or spooning Ben & Jerry’s into your gargantuan mouth?

Alone, there’s no need to consider anyone else’s feelings or accommodate to their wants and needs. You can look messy and talk to stuffed donkeys. You can eat fried chicken chop for dinner just because you want to.

Tumblr loves me.

Tumblr loves me.

Love is overrated. Power, freedom, these will get you somewhere. Not old-fashioned, soppy love.

Did I just sound like a dried prune envious of all the love that’s going around? Oh well, looks like I’m spending yet another wonderful year alone (not complaining; I have my family). But that doesn’t mean I can’t give love. So to my followers, readers and lurkers, je t’aime (in a bloggy friendship way).

P.S. Do whatever you want with l’amour. Keep it, pass it on, whatever. Even though love is really overrated, it still makes us smile and keeps us warm and fuzzy inside.

P.P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day.


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