Les Changements

That Weirdo has been through multiple costume changes the last few months. I wouldn’t say it didn’t enjoy them, but it had quite a difficult time trying to decide on which attire to stick to. For the time being, I’m loving this theme which was so aptly named Hemingway Rewritten. My posts are still going to be pretty wordy, but there are some photographs taken on my travels that I’d prefer to take a greater precedence over those tiring texts. Hence, the header.

I will also be trying to reorganize the entire blog and divvy up the posts into different pages to make for more easy reading and searching. You see, this is still pretty much a personal blog where I sometimes rant about things or indulge in occasional self-pity, but I do talk about stuff that make the ends of my mouth defy gravity (I still don’t understand why frowning uses more effort). I want to make it easier for you to access those when you’re not out to dampen your mood.

As I enter this new phase of life, I’m pretty sure that I’ll have a lot more to talk about other than how horrible I felt that day. This little renovation might take a few weeks to complete, but I’m quite optimistic about the outcome, given how beautifully this template was already designed.

A little teaser of what I will be talking about this coming year:

  • Books and reading
  • Writing
  • School (Upcoming: August 2014)
  • Work (TBA)
  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Mental health (musings & some advice)
  • Travel

These ideas are still in their infancy. I’ll keep working on them and hopefully we’ll see how it turns out. Meanwhile, enjoy your Easter weekend.

À bientôt!


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