Camp NaNoWriMo: The Experience

Getting yourself into the mental asylum called NaNoWriMo (What kind of name is that?) is probably one of the best and worst decisions you’ll make. Look! They’ve even set up an affiliate camp for the lunatics who’d volunteer to be admitted. I was one of those crazies.

1 month ago

I’m finished with school… What should I do?

*Opens email inbox*

Camp NaNoWriMo is here!

Hmm… that lunatic camp? Been there once and it was overwhelming.

*Clickity click*

No harm checking it out again… Right?

Word count goal preset at 50,000.

Change it? 10,000? No, screw it. 50,000 it is.

Create your novel.

I don’t have a plan! Oh well, time to adopt that cheesy Nike slogan.

*Goes into over-thinking mode*

Gah! Screw it!

*Types out impromptu novel info to look smart*


Day 1

*Type type type*

*Enters word count*

Oh yeah! Beat it.

Day 2

*Type type*

I don’t know where my novel’s going… Well, screw it.


*Enters word count*

Just a few hundred more to reach the mark.

*Tap… tap… backspace backspace backspace*

Screw it.

*Goes to bed*

Day 6

Par 10,000

Words: 6013

Eff eff eff eff eff

*Furious typing*

I’m beat, I’ll catch up during the weekends.

Day 14

Par 23,333

Words: 14,121

Not gonna make it… But passed my first 10,000. Ever.

*Manic typing*

Days 15-27

*Type type type*

Come on, 2,200 words a day and you’ll be fine.

[Writer’s block cameos]

No no no, can’t give up now. NOT NOW.

*Stops chronological writing*

So close, yet so far. Trust me, it pisses you off.

So close, yet so far. Trust me, it pisses you off.

Day 28

Dad: Go to sleep.


Dad: Why ‘no’?


[Dad leaves]

*Hits daily goal*

Rewards self with reading – More Than This by Patrick Ness. Can’t stop reading. I should really sleep now. Oh wait, another backstory. Finishes book.

[Clock shows 05:36]

Day 29

[Alarm rings at 11:30]


Dammit! Shouldn’t have finished that book.

*Gets up and leaves for friend’s house 45 mins away*

*Watch gulp om nom nom watch gulp gulp om nom nom*

*Returns home*

Sister: You gotta buy bread.

[Clock at +/- 21:00]

I’m screwed…

[Clock shows 23:30]

*Crazyfuriousmanicinsane typing*

*Falls asleep in front of screen*

Okay, half time.

*15-min nap*

Mmm… so comfy. Leave me alone. Don’t wanna get up.


*Shuffles into kitchen zombie-style*

*Drinks cold milk*

*Type type type*

3,382 words left.

*Crashes into bed*

Day 30

*Wakes up unnaturally early*

What? Not even 8 hours of sleep?

*Breakfast with Russian earl grey tea*

Oh yeah, gonna win this, baby!

*Crazyfuriousmanicinsane typing*

[Clock shows 18:36]

I’m done…? I’m done. I’M DONE.

*Validates crappy novel*

*Rubs hands nervously*

Congratulations page.

*Permanent smile on face*

NaNoWriMo attempt #3: Success.

Time to release the inner (crazier) editor! But first, an ice-cream treat. 😉


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