I Love Sansa Stark

If you hate/dislike Sansa from George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series or Game of Thrones, this is a formal invitation to leave.

In anticipation of Episode 8 of Game of Thrones which doesn’t air until this Sunday because of Memorial Day in America, I’ll torture all of you by declaring my love of Sansa Stark right here. And ranting about people who don’t share that love.

This is how a typical GoT conversation goes between my friends and I:

Friend 1: “I really like Arya!”

Friend 2: “OMG! I like Arya too! She’s so badass and cute!”

Friend 1: “Yeah, she’s super cool!”

Friend 2: *Face darkens* “I don’t like her sister much, though.”

Friend 1: *Nods*

[Unspoken understanding runs between them]

Me: But why? I like her.

Friend 1: Huh! But she’s so stupid!

Friend 2: Yeah, she doesn’t do anything!


Now now, sonny, if you think Sansa is an airhead with a penchant for psychopaths and pretty dresses, you’re wrong. At least about the airhead part. She was a young, naive girl, granted. But she grows and learns, and pretty quickly at that. It’s not fair to just cast her aside as stupid just because she doesn’t own a sword and isn’t interested in spilling other people’s blood. Come on, I love the violence and gore, but being strategic and able to play the game well is vital to your survival. No one dismisses Little Finger or Varys as retarded, so why should they do that to Sansa? Because she’s a girl and she’s gentler and more merciful? That’s not fair! She’s trying to survive and you would too, if you were put into her position. Unless you were rash enough to get killed first.

No one in the show has had to watch her father getting beheaded in front of thousands of people, knowing that he was innocent. No one has had to endure the constant bullying and mocking inflicted on her by a psychopathic king that also happened to be her fiancé. And this with increasing intensity as news came that her mother and brother had died. I would have been traumatised if I were her.

Brienne, Arya and Ygritte are fan-favourite characters and it’s not difficult to pinpoint why. They behave in a masculine manner, which makes them badass and awesome and I agree with that. I love all three of them. I’ve always believed that females should be allowed to do what males do, and if in those times, males killed and disemboweled people, females should be able to kill and disembowel people too. It’s great that they’re spilling their fair share of blood, but there are girls like Sansa who can do things they can’t, such as calculating her moves and playing with people’s minds. Just because she’s beautiful doesn’t mean she’s incapable. Why would she still be here then? Cersei would’ve ripped her head off.

Feminism is sensitive. Women fight to have the same rights as men, but they are forgetting one thing – being female. Women should fight to enjoy the same status as men while being able to indulge in their whims and fancies and not solely to act like men. At the same time, men should also be given the rights to behave as they wish. If they’re not inclined to fighting and warfare, that’s fine. If they’re not interested in leading a Forbes 100 business company, so be it. They should be allowed to stay home and read and cook and clean without being seen as “gay” or “sissy”.

Going back to point, Sansa is not an empty-headed teenager at all. She’s smart and doesn’t let it show. She knows how to play the game more than any of them do. She wants to live and be reunited with her lost siblings. She wants out of the mess Robert Baratheon got them into when he hired her father back in the first season. She wants to use her new-found position in the Vale to her advantage. She wants to use Petyr Baelish to achieve what she wants. Just like how he’s using her. I don’t think that’s stupid. I think it’s very clever of her to hide her wits and use them when people least expect it.

I can see myself in Sansa (screw that, I see myself in almost every character). I guess that’s what makes me empathise with her so much. I remember those days where I sat in class daydreaming about my future, wondering when someone would fall in love with me, picturing a happy life with unicorns and rainbows. I trusted people easily and fell for tricks. I learned and became skeptical of people. “Trust no one” is my mantra now as is Sansa’s. I want to see her happy and fulfilled, even though I know it’s not wise to hope for that.

Believe what you will. When the series ends, we will see who emerges victorious. My money is on Jon and Dany, but Sansa will be Lady of the North. Well, maybe I’m biased because I’m a loyal Stark bannerwoman, but I believe the remaining Stark children will make it to the end.

P.S. Gah, might have jinxed them there… 😳


4 thoughts on “I Love Sansa Stark

  1. I’m very fond of Sansa, and I think it’s important to support all the Starks we have left.

    She’s been pretty well boxed in for several seasons, but she’s managed to convince Joffrey to save Ser Dontos (which was instrumental not only in getting her out of King’s Landing but killing Joff), she sassed Joffrey to his face before the Battle of Blackwater (he just didn’t notice it), and she’s become a seriously valuable power player.

    I have money on Lady Stark.

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