Row Row Row Your Boat, Gently Down The Sea

Good day, fellow Earthlings!

I can’t believe how much I’d missed tapping away on the keyboard into the dead of the night. I’ve just started working in another restaurant (I know! Whatever possessed me to do that?) and I have barely enough time to sleep, let alone blog or read or write or do anything else I love, but then again, without work, I have no money to feed my horrendous appetite. Welcome to the adult world, young ‘un.

I haven’t taken a good break since the end of my exams, so it only seems natural that I would begin to feel quite burnt out by now, spending my days either sitting around at home or out serving hungry people for a miserly wage (no, we do not practise tipping here). So… I’m going on a cruise. Tomorrow.

Anyway, I’ll be pretty much cut off from the world once I get onto that ship, because 1) we’ll be rollicking on the high seas; 2) Wi-fi costs $50 a day. It’ll be good to disconnect for a bit and just enjoy the sea breeze or whatever we’ll be doing.

I do have plans to carry on with a writing project I began about a week ago before it becomes stale like the ones in my Other Stuff folder and I hope the sea breeze brings with it some inspiration, or at least a jolt to my brain to start working harder. Hopefully, I can get some reading done as well, since I’m taking an online course in Greek & Roman Mythology (which is loads of fun, by the way). I’m a little behind schedule, but I think I’ll be able to get back on track once I’m at sea and away from all the worries. I can pretend to be Odysseus, commanding his men to steer his black ship, with a ruffling wind to set him on his way. Side note: I have assumed that Greek Gods are unable to contract STDs, given the huge number of exploits each had.

Alright, I think I’d better get some shut-eye now or I’ll be sleeping my entire journey away. Till next time.


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