Writing 101: A Room with a View (or Just a View)

If I had the power of teleportation, or the magical ability to create a portkey, I’d most definitely want to go somewhere up north where I could see the Northern Lights. I can’t remember exactly when I came to be aware of this phenomenon, but I’m pretty sure I knew of its existence before Brother Bear. Over the years, my exposure to the elusive lights only increased together with my unexplained affinity with vast expanses of snow (I still haven’t seen this in real life). I’ve read up on the technicalities of the display, but that doesn’t take away its surrealism.

Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself situated on snowy ground inches deep. The warm wooden cabin is just beside you. You’ve been awake for hours, waiting, squirming uneasily on a large, comfy armchair, right in front of the fire. Unable to breathe properly, you’ve decided to trade the yellowish coziness for the piercing white cold. You wait. You think you see the sky lighten a little, but you could be over-thinking. But no, the black of the night has definitely lightened into an inky blue. Before you have time to process this, however, the heavens explode¬†suddenly into yellow. “Oh my god.” You burst into laughter. No, not maniacal laughter. A laughter full of wonder; a laughter accompanied by tears. “Darling!” You call out, keeping your gaze to the sky. You are not going to sacrifice a few seconds of the display to make sure the love of your life emerges from the cabin. You watch a curtain of green light flowing as if there was a breeze. You don’t even hear the door slam behind you. “Oh my god.” You recognize that voice at once. You chuckle, but never tear your eyes away. The beams dance around as if they’re putting up a theatrical performance. A flash of pink appears amongst the green. Icing on the cake. As you watch the waves curve and whirl about in front of their navy blue backdrop, you hit upon a feeling; a strange, hollow feeling that catches you by your chest and your throat. The Earth stops spinning. Time stops moving. You are alone in the universe. All at once, you understand what it means to be human. You’ve never known this, nor will ever know it again, but just for a few seconds, you are the universe.


2 thoughts on “Writing 101: A Room with a View (or Just a View)

  1. Well written! I live waay up in northern Canada, so I get to see the Northern Lights a lot..they’re most amazing at about 2 am, when the rest of the town is sleeping… they never fail to leave me in awe..

    • Thank you so much! That’s really amazing. I can only imagine standing under the stars, looking up at the lights and feeling like there’s nobody else in the world. But the cold would probably drive me indoors very soon.

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