University is not meant to be played with, my darlings. As much as I’m enjoying my time in school, the amount of readings I have to do each week ruins my eyes (ever seen Frankenstein in real life?). I also tend to appear in class ten minutes after discussions have started, which doesn’t bode well for the participation component of my academic assessment. However, having been notorious for my tardiness since I was seven, I have unfortunately become immune to this.

The more pressing issue I guess, would be trying to hand in my French essays on time. J’essaie pour finir mes essais. Ha ha. Very funny. I’ve been placing French at the bottom of my priority list now, but after that midterm… I’m going to speak French whenever I talk to myself now. Oui, je dois.

Have I also told you how difficult it is to write a decent Literature essay? I’ve never been trained in argumentative writing, because my teachers felt that our Normal Poor Asian English wouldn’t stand a chance against those Crazy Rich Asian English. Which leaves me fighting to stay afloat in the rough seas. Whenever I think I’ve written something presumably awe-inspiring, my tutors’ comments feel like splashes of ice-cold water. It’s really sobering. It shows just how much work I have to do in order to catch up with my peers. Cheers to the three essays knocking at my door now.

With slightly more than a month to go before the examinations and the end of the semester, je devrai faire plus d’efforts.


2 thoughts on “J’essaie

  1. French was a pretty tough language for me too and I only took it for a year. I wasn’t allowed to take it in High School because I hadn’t studied it for four years. At the time I was glad about that, but when I look back I do wish I had learned it. English essays are hard, even I found them hard when I was an English Major for a year and a bit. But you get better at essay writing as you go through your education. The language classism is really ridiculous though. I mean you find it everywhere, even here but urghhh it drives me up the wall. You’re going to be great, don’t worry! We all need practice in it and we get better at it!

    • Yeah, it’s a hundred times harder than English! Aww man, that’s a pity. Language learning should never be a question of prior experience. There’s an app called Duolingo that I use to keep up with my French. I think it’s pretty fun and useful. It’s free on Android, but I’m not sure about Apple.

      Yeah, they’re plenty tough! Staring at the computer screen for hours is just not fun.

      I know how frustrating the language classism can get. It’s just so unfair and it makes you feel the class divide. It’s no matter though, I’ll just do my best and we’ll see what comes later. 🙂

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