Ode to Love – Day 1: Heartbreak

What better to start with than bad poetry? Here’s one written by yours truly.

I know how hard it is

To love one of an inferior construct

“What’s here?” she asked –

Cutting between us –

“Love,” you replied


Il m’a dit

– Tu es la fille plus laid que j’ai jamais vu

We’d exchanged memories, secrets

Of our past

But there was always

A chasm between us

Hands that could not touch

Tu es la fille plus laid

La fille plus laid


When we brushed against each other at

The train station the other day

I saw you turn

Je t’aime

Non, je t’aimais

I kept my gaze resolutely in front

Of me.

*Note: Due to the lack of power sockets at my university, I am unfortunately not able to pop online all the time. Hence, scheduled posts. However, I will endeavour to peek in through the WordPress mobile app whenever I can, in case anything disastrous happens. Keep writing! 🙂


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