Slightly more than two weeks ago, I crossed the threshold into what one usually calls “adulthood”.

Truth be told, apart from being vaguely aware of my new age, I don’t feel any different from my twenty-year-old self. Except the increasing fatigue, which of course, is to be attributed to my old age. I’m sure that when I eventually do the “good ol’ days” thing a few years down the road, I’ll notice something different. For now, I’m just trying really hard to come to terms with the non-meeting of my expectations (aren’t we supposed to automatically turn into wise old people spewing wise words everyday?).

Of course, with the usual birthday post, since I’m really unable to provide any sage advice, I’ll look forward to the years ahead.

  1. Try to read all those books sitting on the shelf, unread.
  2. Go on a short holiday. Since Southeast Asia will be far too hot come summer, why not travel down south? 😉
  3. Get a job. Number 2 will be impossible if this doesn’t happen.
  4. Try to speak more in class.
  5. Write more.
  6. Meet more people.
  7. Try not to take on too many people’s problems.
  8. Exercise regularly.
  9. Eat better.
  10. Sleep better.

It’s a rough plan, but I’ll be drawing everything out in more detail offline, on paper, because I really love paper (sorry, trees!).

Alrighty. It’s back to schoolwork and the upcoming exams for me. I hope you guys are doing great. 🍸 (don’t worry, it’s only a glass of earl grey)


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