Now Reading: Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre The Book

Don’t even get me started on how long it took me to pick this up from the shelf. Four years. Four years of idiocy. I’ll tell you why later.

How I met my book

I would say that this was a truly impulsive buy. Not the “OMG it’s so pretty I need it” buy, but the Borders-is-closing-I-need-to-use-up-all-the-value-in-the-gift-card buy. There were literally pyramids of Jane Eyre all around the store. I gotta give it to them. That was a great sales ploy. While browsing, all I felt was that not owning one of those would be a great mistake. And I don’t even like movie covers.

Never gonna give you up

Confession: I’ve given up on books. I have a little bag sitting somewhere, waiting for a book exchange (which almost never happens this side of the world).

This one was different. It looked imposing, but I just couldn’t let it go. I’d read Wuthering Heights when I was fifteen and honestly, I wasn’t exactly blown away by it. I think a part of me was afraid that Jane Eyre would be the same (because, you know, sisters). But deep down somewhere (please don’t ask where), I knew I would enjoy it. What I didn’t know was just how much I would.

The Film

I think I finally got around to watching the film a few months back. I really, really loved the way the story was told. I was drawn into the film and into Jane’s life and I wanted to know from the start what had made her so upset. Ah of course, Rochester did help out a bit…okay, it was more than a bit. ^^’ Now before I start going on about the actors, let’s get back to the book. I’ll definitely be writing a standalone post for the film, which I thought was just beautiful.

The Book

I was surprised at how easily the story flows. I was so afraid that it would kill my love of reading, but I really needn’t have worried. The narrator, Jane herself, is honest and unassuming. It was really easy to slip into her skin. It was refreshing to be able to trust the narrator after having been led through a host of unreliable narrators throughout the semester. Of course, the narcissistic reason would be that I could identify strongly with her.

Jane’s recollection of her childhood was exceptionally poignant. I remembered my own “red room” and the excruciating pain of being unfairly punished. I understand Jane’s restlessness, her inability to be satified with her current situation in life; there’s always more out there.

Also, my mediocre French came into use for the very first time! Qui savait? (My French is so bad I had to Google Translate this *claps*)

And the icing on the cake? That was Rochester. I just…just… Okay, remember how I fell in love with Mr Darcy a few years back? This is not going to do any favours for gender equality, but Mr Darcy was a good man, through and through. Rochester, though. He’s bitter, sarcastic, moody…and holy potatoes, I’m really drawn to him. I’ve just finished Volume I, so I know the drama hasn’t truly begun, but really, I guess I’m pretty much leaving Darcy for the bad boy.

I guess that’s all I have on the book at this moment. I’ll be back with the film write-up and more talk on the rest of the book.

Au revoir!


2 thoughts on “Now Reading: Jane Eyre

  1. 😀 this was a favourite book of mine
    Still is – though due to school etc I appear to have gravitated towards reading textbooks as opposed to fiction!

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