Take Me Around The World: Bangkok Day 1


June 8, 2015

Ahh, hot and dusty Bangkok. What better way to escape the stifling routine? My friend and I arrived at Don Mueang International Airport at half-past twelve after a short flight from Singapore. Give or take 4 hours (can’t escape the traffic) and we’re at Khao San Road, the backpacker’s haven in Bangkok. Rows of shops line the street sides, vending (mostly) elephant print items. As we’re traveling with a 7 kg luggage restriction, we decided to get a smaller bag for our romps around the city. As of now, I own an elephant sling bag, a pair of elephant shorts and a pair of elephant pants. Just can’t get enough of them elephants. Bangkok is a pop of colours, though admittedly, it feels like yet another Southeast Asian city after awhile. The relatively low prices around make up for this though. The streets are bursting with tourists after the best bargains. The magic of third-world cities is, however, their street food. I haven’t had the opportunity to try some, but they’re definitely on my to-eat list. Hell, I even bought tons of diarrhea pills just in case.

After traipsing down the cluttered streets and discovering a supermarket/departmental store-ish place to get our toiletries, we headed back up Khao San Road for dinner. I always love a good green curry, but the one I tried at one of those cafes didn’t taste so good, unfortunately. I think they were probably catering to Western tastes with the peas and cauliflower, but the spiciness mixed with those vegetables really threw me off. I’d recommend the more rugged-looking stalls and vendors for a more authentic taste.

Bangkok in June, if you didn’t know, is really, really hot. I’ve never experienced that sort of heat in all my years living right on top of the Equator. If you’re as fair-skinned as me (and I’m pretty much bleached for a Southeast Asian), do remember your sunblock or your mustache (that part above your upper lip) will be the first to burn. I’m not kidding.


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