Surgery Aftermath

I was sobbing from the pain barely an hour ago. I’m not going to lie. It hurt really badly. I consider myself to have a pretty high pain tolerance and I was rocking back and forth on the couch, crying uncontrollably.

After the dramatic turn of events the last time I was at the dentist’s, I was considerably shook up. However, because I’d had the injections, I knew what to expect. I saw somewhere that getting poked by a shard of potato chip is a lot more painful than the jabs and I have to agree with that. It was over within seconds and I was shooed into the waiting room to get numb.

Much to my horror, I only felt the left side of my face losing its sensation, just like the previous time. I raised my concerns to the dentist, but he brushed me off, reassuring me that he’d done thousands of surgeries like this. He began with the left side and frankly, I didn’t even know he’d cut open my gums. I think Ocean’s Eleven or Twelve or Thirteen was playing in the TV overhead, but all I could see were the faces of the dentist and the hygienist. After a couple of minutes of drilling came the twisting and cracking. There was a whole lot of pressure on that area, but zero pain.

Then he came over to the right side. Again, no feeling of sliced gums. I was relieved, but only slightly, as I could feel pain in my canine tooth as the dentist pushed on the drill. I think I was tranquilized two more times in the entire duration that he took to crack open that tooth. This one gave everyone a little more trouble, with the pain and all that. Eventually, I think the dentist decided to break it up in to many small pieces instead of tugging out the roots like he did on the other side. I didn’t even know he’d removed the tooth until I saw the thread. I’m going to be honest – the stitching hurt. But only slightly. The nerves are probably awry this side of my mouth. Before I knew it was over, I was sat up. The dentist shook my hand, congratulating me on a successful surgery. I think it took just over an hour.

I was so happy that it was over, I couldn’t stop talking. My siblings received probably the most enthusiastic greeting that they will ever receive from me. I had great fun “la la la-ing” with my numb mouth while my dad shot me strange looks. All in all, I was enjoying myself. I changed the gauze and took the 8 or so pills with milk diligently and headed for the shower.

Not long after I plonked myself on the couch, a throbbing feeling began in my left socket. My first response was a simple “ouch”. Trying not to be a wuss, I continued on with a computer game I was playing. Much to my chagrin, the throbbing increased in intensity. At one point, I decided I’d had enough and took the “add-on” painkillers the clinic gave me. I’m really glad I took them, or I’d still be sobbing like a five-year-old with a Pooh bear in my arms (thanks, sis).

I think Pooh and I are going to be on this couch for the next few hours. A few episodes of TV shows and some movies are on the cards (and the excuse to be a house blob for an entire week). Recovery begins.


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