Happy 2016

Feels good to be back. And my! WordPress has updated their drafting page. Gone with the Arial, thank goodness.

I’ve disappeared from the blogosphere for three whole months, and you know what? I don’t feel horrible at all. In fact, I was busy living my life, writing papers, working at the diner, tutoring kids and feeling a hell lot like I’ve finally gotten my shit together. I have to admit that it feels really, really good.

What does this spell for The Strange Introvert? I can’t possibly exterminate this blog and pretend it never existed. This blog was where I chose to reveal both the best and worst sides of myself. Pardon the typical New Year’s Day sentimentality. I just feel like I want to start something new. I’ll keep this blog as a sacred haven for whenever I need a rant or when I feel especially self-righteous or self-indulgent (c’mon, I have my faults). However, going against what I’d just said, I’d realised during my absence (from the emails that WordPress sends me) that this wasn’t such a safe place after all. When I was busy working on my real life, some visitors dropped by and threw paint at me. If I were asked to specify the colour of the paint, I’d say Rude & Sexist.

As a dramatically sensitive individual, I was hurt pretty badly. Up till then, all the comments I’d gotten were positive and caring. I was deluded into believing that the internet would be better than real life. These comments changed my perceptions entirely. I have never been called a “whore” in my life. However, I was called a “whore” for a post I wrote when I was an angsty seventeen-year-old. Okay, I thought, how do I react to this? Sticking to being the dramatically sensitive individual, my body’s instinctual reaction was creating this hollow feeling in my chest. I felt my soul pulling inward, away from the flesh, into this hollow. For a week, every idle waking moment was filled with either me thinking about said comment or me chiding myself for giving two shits about it. Eventually (after a few harrowing nights), rationality spoke from deep within. Who knew I possessed such abilities?

  1. “Whore”is a derogatory term for a prostitute. I am not a prostitute.
  2. The web should be free for all. He should have respected my opinions, but I can’t blame him for having opinions on how women should behave. All I can do is just to make sure we won’t ever be friends.
  3. The web is free for all. Hence, anybody can say anything on any blog without repercussions. Unless you choose to insult the head of state or something of the like.
  4. It is a personal insult. When in doubt, target the writer, not the writing. Yep, sounds like the most intelligent approach.

All in all, the conclusion I came to was that I was stupid to even have been bothered by such comments. So yes, I’m keeping the baby, and seven blessings to those who stop by to say hello (I really love that). Seven shite blessings to those who not only mistake my occupation, but demean sex workers. I am going to continue writing what I want on my blog without worrying about what some anonymous men might think of my ideas.

So yeah, I’m gonna be changing my blogging direction until further notice, concentrating on a new tumblr log I’ve created to talk about books, because that’s one of the main concerns of my Life Right Now. I’ll still be back now and then, but these visits won’t be as frequent as when I was seventeen and angsty.

Happy New Year!



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