Hello there!

I am That Weirdo you probably never saw because society functions in the day and my vampire eyes just can’t get used to the Sun (what?! You thought we could sparkle?). I look 18, but am actually 200 years old.

I am a lost sheep, trying to look for my fluffy pals, but unfortunately, most other sheep are fluffy, so I never know who they are until I tentatively slip into the herd and usually tumble out bruised and bitten. That doesn’t mean that I’m an unfriendly little sheep! I am kind and warm and good with other sheep (despite also being a vampire), just not too many of them at once. I eat and ruminate all day (haha, get it?), which can mean that I’m either (1) calm and relaxed or (2) moody and self-absorbed.

I have a pet donkey (stuffed) called Eeyore. My sister gave me Eeyore, which makes him the most precious thing in the world to me. Eeyore has accompanied me on trips to other grazing grounds as a result. He is highly-adorable and is guaranteed to make you melt when you lay your eyes on him.

I am highly-introverted, which means that during all parent-teacher meetings in the past (must’ve been a lot for 200 years), the words “too” and “quiet” have often been brought up, usually in that order. I used to cry whenever my parents instructed me to speak up in class, but over 200 years, we’ve all accepted it as part of my nature. To compensate for the debilitating weakness, I work hard. I could stay up all night trying to perfect my work. Not smart, but then again, I don’t belong in the “Sharp Knives” drawer.

I have always loved reading, although people have constantly made me feel horrible about my snail-like reading pace by outright exclamations such as “Oh my God! You haven’t finished that book?”Β Say what you want, precious. I’ve got forever to read those books, unlike you mortals.

I’ve wanted to be an “author” since I was a child, but never had the courage to say it out loud. When I finally did, everyone I told was skeptical of it being a reality. I’m still going to try, even if it means I’ll have to drink spilled bloodΒ every single day of my eternal life (unfortunately, we don’t all drive luxury cars).

I’m blogging as a means of escape and really to know myself better, because how else can I?

19 thoughts on “About

  1. All of us have strange ways. I do. Sometimes when my wife say, “turn left” I ended up turning right. Weird? Just me and I love being me…most of the time! Great posT. Best wishes to you….

    • Yes, we sure do. It’s just how people judge us. How some people view us as weird while others seem to accept this unique part of us. It’s alright to keep that strange way of yours! As you said, we all love being ourselves. Thank you for sharing your viewpoints. Best wishes to you too!

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